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Hours of Operation

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - Saturday

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday - CLOSED

* Indian Remi Hair Now Available *

Our Policies


  • We offer one-on-one consultations Thursday thru Saturdays - 11 am to 5 pm. The fee for a consultation is $10 for the first 20 minutes unless you book a future appointment with us. Extensive consultations will be $25. Please call and make an appointment to receive a consultation.
  • Rayna's Hair Studio requires a Non-refundable deposit to secure an appointment. We accept most major credit cards, bank cards, and money orders. No personal checks please. If you live out of town, you may mail in your deposit i.e. money order and, once received, we will call you promptly to schedule your appointment.
  • Consultations are offered for all of our services. During your consultation, you and a Stylist can decide on the style of your preference. You should be certain about your choices because we do not give any refunds or exchanges. After your hair style is complete and you have left our premises, you are agreeing that you are pleased with your services. If you are unsatisfied or feel there is something wrong with your service after you leave our salon, you will be asked to leave your hair 'as is' and return to the salon so that we may assess what can be done to your hair for your satisfaction. If you decide to take your hair out for any reason before allowing us to see your hair, a new appointment with new fees will be administerd. No exceptions.
  • A 72 hour reschedule notice is required to maintain your deposit.

Policy on Children in the Salon (for Parents) 

  • At Rayna's Hair Studio we strive to provide service for our clients in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, we have to ask that you do not bring children with you to the salon. In the event that you show up with your child, we will have to reschedule your appointment. Although your children are beautiful and special, when they are crying and un-happy (because they are in a place of business where they are expected to sit down and be quiet) it is very disturbing to others and unfair to your child. It is the nature of children to run, jump, play, and squeal. It is not fair to your child to expect them to sit for hours quietly waiting for you to complete your services.
  • We ask that you make arrangements to have a sitter for your children so that you can fully enjoy your appointment at Rayna's Hair Studio. It is best that the sitter and child not accompany you to the salon as invariably you will need to attend to the child and this will slow down your service and inconvenience your Stylist and the client following you.
  • We accept children as clients at Rayna's Hair Studio. However, we ask that your child be at least 4 years old and have the maturity to be able to sit long enough to have their hair serviced. We that you accompany children under 12 years old while they are having their hair serviced. In the evenrequiret that your child is not able to tolerate having their hair done, we will be forced to discontinue their services.
  • We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Prepare for your Appointment 

  • A Shampoo and Condition is $15. If you require your braids to be removed please let us know when making your appointment. This service requires more time for your appointment and therefore additional fees.
  • Relaxed hair can be braided, as well as hair in its natural state. If your hair is natural, there is no need to straighten it prior to your visit.
  • It is important to understand that if your hair is not fully combed out (all the way through with a comb), we may have to reschedule your appointment; which means a forfeit of your deposit. Combing out your hair properly is a time consuming process that adds to your appointment time. In the event that we need to reschedule you, another deposit will be required. If we can fit you in for the take out and/or comb out, you will be charged per hour for these services. Please do not remove your braids/twists/weaves on the premises of Rayna's Hair Studio. Simply said, please plan accordingly and be realistic when booking your appointment.
  • Most human hair is not included in the cost of hair styles. Human hair should be paid for in advance.

Getting your Hair Braided 

  • Please be on time. Appointments that are not honored within one hour of your appointment time with no notification of a late arrival may have to be canceled due to scheduling conflict and deposits may be forfeited.
  • Based on previous experience we can give you a general estimation of the time it will take to complete your style. However, every situation is different and special so it is only an estimation. Sometimes styles run longer and sometimes shorter than expected. For best results we ask that you do not rush your stylist. For those who are having a style that takes 6 or more hours, we recommend that you do not have your hair done on the same day as important engagements. Some styles like Extension may require a two day session.
  • We ask for your consideration in regards to bringing children. It is best to make other arrangements for someone to care for them while you are having your hair serviced.
  • Our waiting area is limited and is used for consultations and customers waiting to be serviced. Therefore we kindly ask that you please refrain from bringing along a number of friends and family to wait for you while you are having your hair done.
  • When having your hair done, if at any point you see your style is not going the way we agreed, please let us know as soon as you know. After the style is finished it will be too late for any adjustments to be made.

Caring for your Braids 

  • Your style can last from 1 week to 3 months according to the technique and your maintenance and grooming.
  • The term "braids" can include many types of techniques such as Singles, Cornrows, Casamas, Trini, Thread-wraps, Silky Dreads, Flat Twists, etc.
  • For styles that can be shampooed, dilute your formula first. This prevents your scalp from drying out and prevents a dull film from forming on your braids.
  • When shampooing, you may massage your scalp with your fingertips. Use a small comb between the braids, stroking from side to side, to clean thoroughly.
  • Shampooing twice per month should be sufficient unless you swim, itch or sweat profusely. Some times a full shampoo will destroy a style or alter it completely. In this case, we recommend a Dry Shampoo. A dry shampoo may be achieved by using a damp cloth to cleanse the scalp. Take a damp cloth and go through the partings in your hair, wiping your scalp with the damp cloth thoroughly. Repeat this procedure for several rounds. Rinse the cloth out with soap and water with each round. Then using an astringent ( Sea Breeze, Witch Hazel, or diluted Tea Tree Oil ) place one of these items on the cloth and go through the scalp again. Then oil the scalp hair oils. This will refresh your scalp in the event that you can not have a full shampoo. We also offer this service in the salon if you prefer a professional to do this job for you.
  • For close to the scalp styles like cornrows, when your braids become fuzzy you can give them a fresh look by dampening your hair, brushing it in the direction that the braids flow and tying it with a scarf until the hair dries. Groom braids by brushing them with a soft brush to avoid snagging.
  • We highly recommend that you return to the salon for regular maintenance services. These services include touch-ups (the hair line braids are removed and re-braided) for long term braid styles. Touch-ups prevent hairline breakage. A touch-up also refreshes your braid style and prolongs the life of the hair style.
  • We now offer Textured Weaves a.k.a. "The Bush Baby". These weaves are achieved with a cornrow base, for the new, loose, and natural looking, textured appearance. Please inquire for more details.
  • For Cornrow styles, cover the hair with a silk scarf when sleeping, changing clothes and under your shower cap. Large Cornrow styles, such as Goddess braids and Cherokee braids, should not be shampooed.
  • Most braided styles can last 3 months and remain attractive. However, after that time, your hair may begin to loc. Combing out the locs can cause damage, therefore it is advisable that you always remove all braided styles after 3 months. We may be able to unloc your hair, however this service requires an additional fee.